2018 Cup International Open Hapkido Championships In Iran

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The hapkido confederation would like you to apply for International Referees to attend 2018 Cup International Open Hapkido Championships. The event will be held in Karaj city Iran , from 07/Sep 2018),

Round trip airfare and personal expenses shall be the responsibility of each participating IR while the Hapkido Foundation shall cover the accommodation of room and board; check-in date is 06 Sep 2018 and check-out is in the morning of 7 Sep. Daily allowances of US$10 will be provided by the Global hapkido Foundation for the competitions days from 07 Sep ~ 08 Sep

Please return this form to the Global hapkido foundation  via E-mail or Fax no later than 2 May, 2018.

*E-mail : prohapkido@yahoo.com *Fax : 98-2636515888

Invitation letter will be issued to IRs upon designation as official referees for the championships.

Download  Form

Persident of GHF

Grand Master S.Mahdi Nazhand


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